Dewberry Ridge is pleased to offer several classes to learn how to weave on our looms, techniques of making various rugs, and how to make specific projects

If you are interested in hosting a class in your area, the minimum group size is 8 people.   It's a great way to get a group of friends together for an evening or weekend and have fun learning a new art.   Check my Events schedule to determine if I will be in your area.  You may contact me at or 636-583-8112 for more information.


Here are some of the class offerings.  We add to and change classes as we talk with people and understand their needs so please drop us a line if you do not see what your are looking for in the way of a class.

Note:  Prices do not include travel expenses if class is out of area.  Be sure to take advantage of scheduling a class by checking my Events page to avoid any extra charges.  Also, it's a deal to schedule more than one class in one day.


Scandinavian Loop Woven Rug (aka Toothbrush Rug) $35.00


Instructor:  Donna McFarland, Owner-Dewberry Ridge

Class size: 5-10 Students

 Duration: 3 hours

                     Included in the class price

Everyone will have their own Hot Pad Kit which includes book, needle and practice rug start.

Students will learn how to make their own rug start (oval or round) and the weaving techniques to weave a rug. Once you have mastered the oval or round rug, you will have a strong understanding of how to proceed on your own with any of my other designs.


Twined Rug $35

Instructor: Donna McFarland, Owner-Dewberry Ridge

Class Size: 4-10 Students


Duration: 3 hours

Included in the class price:

Use of a classroom size twining loom and fabric for project.  We will make a Hot Pad in the class. The Hot Pad project will demonstrate fabric preparation, warping the loom, weaving techniques and removing the project from the loom

Hot Pad Kit includes Twining Loom book, fabric and instruction for $35.


Shirred Crocheted Rug Class $50.00

Instructor: Donna McFarland, Owner- Dewberry Ridge



 Class Size: 5-7 students

Antique Shirret, 1920

Duration: 3 hours

          Included in the class fee:

Each student will receive a kit containing the unique Crochet Needle, One cone of Cotton yarn, the Instruction Book, CD and fabric to complete a 9” Hot Pad

Students will learn the techniques of making a beautiful Shirred Rug, how to identify appropriate fabrics for the rug, to prepare their fabric, and to start the various rug shapes.


Donna McFarland, Owner/Instructor     636-583-8112