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  • $ 125.00

    Hand-Woven Shrug

    Special attention to design and color has made this one of my unique creations. You will love the way this shrug covers your shoulders and leaves plenty of space to display that special neckline or necklace. Wear this day or evening, dressy or casual—you won’t be wrong. Rayon chenille with...
  • $ 138.00

    Luxurious Hand Woven Mobius Wrap

    This Mobius Wrap always has a luxurious drape with no effort from you. You will know the wonderful feel of rayon and silk as it wraps itself around you and shows you how special you really are! Please call for available colors.
  • $ 125.00

    Handwoven Shoulder Drape

    This shawl drapes exquisitely around your shoulders and may be worn three ways—fringe in the front, fringe in the back or fringe on the side. How versatile and a new look for every outfit! I designed this wrap with multiple colors of silk and rayon yarns in the perfect random...
  • $ 148.00

    Butterfly Wrap

    Let this Butterfly Wrap flutter around your shoulders and arms. You will be enchanted with the look and feel of this luxurious hand-woven wrap of silk and rayon with the tiniest hint of metallic to catch the light and the eye of your secret admiriers. I freed the colors of...
  • $ 148.00

    Hand Woven Shawl

    Wrap this shawl around your shoulders and feel the luxury of soft, drapey silk and rayon. I design these shawls to be a luxurious length with the added touch of long, flowing fringe. You will feel so feminine as you wrap yourself up in soft rayon chenille with silk. A...
  • $ 89.00

    Hand-Woven Shrug

    This lovely shrug is a delight to wear day or evening. Slip it on with jeans and you are in style for everything the day brings. Put it on over that perfect little dress and you have a cover up fit for any occassion from the evening out to the...
  • $ 89.00

    Small Mobius Wrap

     Beautiful hand woven shoulder wrap.   Luxurious silk and rayon yarns woven into a beautifully draped piece.  Draping beautifully in front, while it frames your favorite jewelry, dress top, shirt or blouse.  This wrap complements any neckline and adds a touch of class to any outfit--dress, slacks, jeans or formal wear.  ...
  • $ 110.00

    Triangle Shawl

    These luscious shawls have been handwoven on Gary’s own Triangle Loom. He has meticulously designed each one to be a unique piece of wearable art. It is made of the softness washable acrylic yarn and kissed with a sparkle to catch the sun’s light. You will feel it’s beauty and...
  • $ 230.00

    Tri Jacket

    Slip this jacket on and feel the luxury!  We make this jacket on our Dewberry Ridge Adjustable Triangle  loom.  It drapes beautifully and creates a cocoon of warmth and elegance.  Wear this jacket sassy with hands in the pockets and cuffs turned up for that special design touch.  Our Tri...
  • $ 89.00

    Shoulder Warmer

    My beautiful Shoulder warmer is hand woven from an array of gorgeous rayons and silks all blended into a warp of colors to match any outfit.  You will find this Shoulder Warmer to be soft and elegant and wearable as a sophisticated clean line shoulder wrap, or as a small...
  • $ 250.00

    Journey Caplet

    This stunning caplet is designed to take you on a full circle journey while wrapping you in beautiful rayon and silk yarns.  It is a swing jacket in the back, and coming to the front with gorgeous lapels.  It's woven over the silk and rayon yarns with rayon chenille for...
  • $ 28.00


    FREE SHIPPING This unique pair of Dewberry Ridge socks has been individually hand cranked by me on my sock knitting machine. Then, they have been washed and steamed and the toes hand closed with a Kitchener stitch.    Your feet will feel caressed when wearing my hand-cranked socks.  Because I...
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