• $ 11.00

    Hand Made Hat Bands

    We are currently out of inventory   One size fits all hats.   Change the look of your summer/winter hats in just a few seconds.  Perfect gift.   Easy to add to your hat.  You will have lots of fun with these.  Order more than one!    
  • $ 110.00

    Triangle Shawl

    These luscious shawls have been handwoven on Gary’s own Triangle Loom. He has meticulously designed each one to be a unique piece of wearable art. It is made of the softness washable acrylic yarn and kissed with a sparkle to catch the sun’s light. You will feel it’s beauty and...
  • $ 230.00

    Tri Jacket

    Slip this jacket on and feel the luxury!  We make this jacket on our Dewberry Ridge Adjustable Triangle  loom.  It drapes beautifully and creates a cocoon of warmth and elegance.  Wear this jacket sassy with hands in the pockets and cuffs turned up for that special design touch.  Our Tri...
  • $ 38.00

    Shawl Pin

    Gary has once again out done himself with this beautiful hand turned shawl pin.  The shaft of the pin is coco bola with an enchanting flame on top from tulip wood.   This original design is one of a kind.   This will accent your knitted or crocheted shawls or...
  • $ 148.00

    Hand Woven Shawl

    Wrap this shawl around your shoulders and feel the luxury of soft, drapey silk and rayon. I design these shawls to be a luxurious length with the added touch of long, flowing fringe. You will feel so feminine as you wrap yourself up in soft rayon chenille with silk. A...
  • $ 125.00

    Handwoven Shoulder Drape

    This shawl drapes exquisitely around your shoulders and may be worn three ways—fringe in the front, fringe in the back or fringe on the side. How versatile and a new look for every outfit! I designed this wrap with multiple colors of silk and rayon yarns in the perfect random...
  • $ 0.00

    14" Triangle Bag - Free Pattern and Video

    Just look at this wonderful bag Noreen Crone-Findlay has designed using our Dewberry Ridge 14" Triangle Li'l Weaver.  Not only is it gorgeous, but it's easy to weave and assemble.  It fits snuggly against your body with an across the shoulder strap or customize it with a shoulder strap.  ...
  • $ 3.00

    Pattern - Felted Penguin Hat

    You will have so much fun making your Felted Penguin Hat!  It is quick and easy and very impressive when you present it to your little darling or sell at a craft show.   You will need one of the following Li’l Weaver Combo Sets: 4”, 6”, or 7” Dewberry Ridge...
  • $ 28.00

    Sculpted Silk Necklace

    Beautiful Silk Sculpted  Pendant on gold filled chain. Each piece is unique and beautifully embellished.  Pieces are individually embellished as the piece "talks" to me.  You will be wearing a one-of-a-kind piece.  Chains and necklaces vary.  Colors vary.  please contact me for a piece made just for you:   636-583-8112    donna@dewberryridge.com     ...
  • $ 10.00

    Fabric Strips for the Pleachet, Shirred, or Shirret Rugs

    We have 7/8" diagonal precut fabric for these beautiful rugs.  I have a variety of wool blends and cotton flannels that are great for pleating and crocheting the rugs.  Each bag is packed with 8 oz. of fabric.strips. I will be listing my available colors in the near future; in...
  • $ 4.75

    Tiny Necklace/Tapestry Loom--FREE SHIPPING

    She is just the cutest little tapestry loom and she is all set up to include a necklace of your choice or pin on the back. She is handmade from birch plywood by Gary at Dewberry Ridge.  Our Tiny Loom measures approximately 1.9 X 2.4".   All of the warping...
  • $ 15.00

    Hexagon Purse/Bag Handles by Dewberry Ridge

    In collaboration with Noreen Crone-Findlay, we have designed these beautiful, unique Hexagon Purse Handles for your Hexagon Loom purse creations.  You can see her purse/bag patterns at Noreen's blog. The Dewberry Ridge Hexagon Purse/Bag Handles are made of Baltic Birch Plywood.  Each handle is hand made with precision and pride by Gary McFarland.....
  • $ 20.00

    Scissor Holder

    Our hand-turned Scissor Holder is the perfect little addition to your sewing basket, a friend gift, Christmas stocking, gift exchanges and that special person. No two are exactly alike, so you can feel confident you are getting a unique hand-turned Scissor Holder for that special person. A rare-earth magnet is...
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