Rugs from the Ridge

Welcome to RUGS FROM THE RIDGE--  New home to the legacy Toothbrush Rug (aka Scandinavian Loop Woven Rug)  We are proud to include the Toothbrush Rug in our array of RUGS FROM THE RIDGE.  Here you will find everything necessary to make your beautiful rugs--from the DVD, the Complete Book of Toothbrush Rug designs, the weaving needle and lots of kits and fabrics.   We would love to have you as a returning customer or a new Toothbrush Rug customer.  

Be sure to review our new Pleachet Rug Kits--a crochet technique.  A beautiful 1900's fiber art-no sewing involved.  Make any size or shape, Use carpet warp to crocet.  Make your rug with wool, wool blends, cotton, flannel.  Recycle coats, blanket shirts and more.  Kit includes the book, DVD and Rugbee Needle (special needle with hook on one end and pointed on opposite end.

Our Adjustable Twining Looms and many sizes of Peg Looms are beautiful looms for making rugs.

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Rugs from the Ridge

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