Vasilisa Li'l Weaver

$ 39.00

Here comes Vasilisa Lil Weaver Loom.  She is so excited to FINALLY join her sisters Thumbelina and Mollie Whuppie to bring you THREE SISTERS!!   Vasilisa is the largest of the THREE SISTERS --  she is 8" tall and 5" wide.  Dream what you can weave on this beautiful small loom.  Not only is she beautiful, but she loves to accompany you everywhere you go.  Can you imagine bringing your weaving friend to all of your functions and letting her weave her way into your heart  throughout the day?  

She weaves through tapestries, pouches and baskets, prayer flags and more,.  All of her weaving directions are beautifully written and illustrated by Noreen Crone-Findlay.  Also included with Vasilisa are the weaving needle and shed stick.  

Get ready for a new adventure in weaving with Vasilisa the heroine of a Russian Cinderella kind of fairy tale. Vasilisa bravely worked hard, cooking and weaving for a ferocious wild woman, Baba Yaga. She carried a tiny doll that had been lovingly made by her mother in her pocket. The doll guided Vasilisa wisely. And,  because Vasilisa was smart, steadfast, calm and  courageous, she ended up living very well.


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