Mollie Whuppie Li'l Weaver

$ 35.00

Look who has come to join her sister Thumbelina--It's Mollie Whuppie!  She is Thumbelina's big sister and she has come to bring you many new weaving ideas from gorgeous tapestries, bags and many new woven friends.  Mollie Whuppie is another creation by Noreen Crone-Findlay in her group of THREE SISTERS.   Noreen has developed wonderful weaving techniques and projects all included with Mollie Whuppie.  You will be ready to weave with Noreen's beautifully illustrated instruction booklet, shed stick and weaving needle.

But, from where did Mollie Whuppie come?  Well, she is known to many as the heroine of a British folk tale. Brave and feisty Mollie Whuppie took good care of her older sister and freed a kingdom from the greed of a nasty giant. She ended up marrying a prince and ruling long and well.  By the way--you better also check out Mollie Whuppie's older Sister Vasilisa.


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