Hexagon Looms by Dewberry Ridge

$ 29.00 - $ 95.00

Are you asking yourself "Where have these Hexagon Looms been all my life?"  .  You're a Pin Loom Weaver ready for your next adventure in Pin Loom Weaving!  Are you ready to create new designs and learn some new techniques?  Well, here you are--Dewberry Ridge's new line of Hexagon Looms has been added to our Li'l Weaver tm Collection.  

In collaboration with Noreen Crone-Findlay, we have designed these beautiful, unique Hexagon Looms for your Pin Loom collection.  Your looms will arrive with beautifully illustrated directions for continuous strand weaving, half Hexagon and Triangle Hexagon weaving.

The Dewberry Ridge Hexagon Looms are made of Red Oak from the scenic Missouri Ozarks. Gary McFarland hand makes each loom with precision and pride in his work.  Like all our Li'l Weaver looms, we use only stainless steel pins instead of nails, which can rust and bend easily.  Gary makes this collection of heirloom quality looms for you to share with over your lifetime.  They will be just as beautiful and functional for your great, great grandchildren as they are for you today.

Each loom is inscribed with a Celtic Knot and Celtic designs around the interior of the loom. The corners are inscribed with numbers and letters corresponding to the original looms and instructions we are providing. Each loom comes with all you need to begin weaving immediately--a crochet hook, and a long tapestry needle.

In addition to instructions, Noreen has many patterns and designs she is releasing especially for these looms!   Visit the Patterns section of this website to see all of the Hexagon Patterns available, like:  the Clutch Purse, Lady Bug, Bumble Bee, Chicken and Egg, Flower, Shawl, Owl and the Matroushka Doll.

Be sure to follow our Dewberry Ridge Facebook page for new pattern announcements and follow Noreen's blog

Order your loom(s) now to create your own designs for accessories like clothing and hats and scarves, in addition to home decor projects like blankets, table runners, pillows, dishcloths and don't forget stuffed animals, flowers, and the beautiful "Flower of Life".

Order yours Hexagon Looms today!!!!

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