Pattern - Hexagon Loom Ladybug

$ 5.00
PDF Pattern for the sweet Ladybug Bag to weave on hexagon looms by Noreen Crone-Findlay. 

The pdf pattern for the Ladybug Bag has step by step photos and full instructions for how to weave this charming bag on hexagon looms that are available from Dewberry Ridge Looms. 

The Ladybug Bag is woven using the 2 inch and 6 inch size hexagon looms from Dewberry Ridge and #4 medium weight yarn. The Latchet Lucet from Dewberry Ridge Looms is used to make the cord for the center front line.

The Ladybug bag is about 16 inches tall by about 16 inches wide.

This measurement doesn't include the handles, which are about 8 inches tall and are available from Dewberry Ridge looms.

The Ladybug would make a wonderful stuffie or pillow if stuffed and sewn shut.

Hurrah for hexagons! 

Happy weaving!

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