• $ 20.00

    Scissor Holder

    Our hand-turned Scissor Holder is the perfect little addition to your sewing basket, a friend gift, Christmas stocking, gift exchanges and that special person. No two are exactly alike, so you can feel confident you are getting a unique hand-turned Scissor Holder for that special person. A rare-earth magnet is...
  • $ 110.00

    Adjustable Easel

    Our new beautiful and functional Easel has arrived.  It's the perfect size and strength to handle your smaller looms (up to about 4 feet) while also keeping your small looms at just the right height to work on them while sitting or standing. It has adjustable heights with easy to...
  • $ 15.00

    Pin Holder - Hand Turned

    The perfect pin holder for working with your projects.  Our new pin holders are approximately 2" high and come in various shapes.  Since each one is hand turned from red oak, each pin holder is uniquely yours.   The bottom of the pin holder contains a rare earth magnet, strong enough to...
  • $ 22.00

    Teneriffe Lace Looms

    Dewberry Ridge is please to offer these beautiful tiny Teneriffe Lace Looms designed by Noreen Crone-Findlay and made by Dewberry Ridge.  The little looms create the most delicate lacework motifs.  Even though Teneriffe Lace appears complex, it's very easy to learn especially, with the Noreen's directions (included) and all of...
  • $ 15.00

    Hexagon Purse/Bag Handles by Dewberry Ridge

    In collaboration with Noreen Crone-Findlay, we have designed these beautiful, unique Hexagon Purse Handles for your Hexagon Loom purse creations.  You can see her purse/bag patterns at Noreen's blog. The Dewberry Ridge Hexagon Purse/Bag Handles are made of Baltic Birch Plywood.  Each handle is hand made with precision and pride by Gary McFarland.....
  • $ 6.00

    Tapestry/Weaving Stick Shuttle

    These small stick shuttles are so hard to find when you need them.  Ours is hand-made from Missouri Red Oak and has been hand sanded smooth to ensure nothing catches on your weaving projects. The shuttle is approximately 6" long and 7/8" wide.
  • $ 8.75

    Hand Turned Tapestry Bobbin

    This is our hand-turned Tapestry Bobbin made from strong, hand-selected Missouri Red Oak.  It is selected for its grain, color and strength and has been turned, sanded and buffed to a smooth perfection so it will not mark or mar your work..
  • $ 125.00

    Stand for Twining Loom

    Well Ladies and Gentlemen it has finally arrived--the Dewberry Ridge Stand for our Adjustable Twining Loom. And, Guess What?????--it too, is Adjustable!!!!!  The Dewberry Ridge Twining Loom Fits perfectly on the Stand -- other vendor twining looms can also be attached with clamps (or you might even have a clever friend...
  • $ 35.00

    Latchet Lucet

    Now making Cords no longer has to be a challenge.  Use the new Dewberry Ridge Latchet Lucet for your next Cord.  The Latchet Lucet is easy to use and comes with instructions with great picture of the step-by-step process.  Dewberry Ridge has worked in conjunction with Noreen Crone-Findlay to design...
  • $ 2.75

    Weave-it Replacement Needles 6" (WIZ Weave-it, Weave-it, ZOOM, Weavette, Hazel Rose)

    This replacement needle is a  6" straight shaft needle with yarn eye and blunt end specifically designed for the popular WIZ Weave-it,  Weave-it, Weavette, Zoom, Hazel Rose and other pin looms.
  • $ 28.00

    Bench for Peg Loom Weaving

    Our new Bench is perfect for holding your Dewberry Ridge Peg Loom at just the right height and position for weaving and it's easily transported!  Notice all of the different positions possible for your unique weaving comfort.  It fits in your easy chair, your kitchen or dining chairs, outdoor chairs, indoor chairs,...
  • $ 25.00

    DVD, Toothbrush Rug Book & Practice Start w/Needle

    This is a great deal!!!   Get the DVD, Book, Practice Start and Needle all for only $25--regularly at $35.95 Kit.
  • $ 10.00

    Fabric Strips for the Pleachet, Shirred, or Shirret Rugs

    We have 7/8" diagonal precut fabric for these beautiful rugs.  I have a variety of wool blends and cotton flannels that are great for pleating and crocheting the rugs.  Each bag is packed with 8 oz. of fabric.strips. I will be listing my available colors in the near future; in...
  • $ 12.95

    Rugbee Rug Needle for Pleachet/Shirret/Shirred Rug

    The Rugbee Rug Needle was created out of necessity by Laura Elizabeth Johnson in the early 1900s.  She made the beautiful Pleachet rugs for her entire farmhouse--because money was scarce and she used what she had available to make rugs to cover her floors. Today's Rugbee Rug Needle has been...
  • $ 0.00

    Spool Knitting Video

    Our thanks to Noreen Crone-Findlay for creating and sharing such a great Spool Knitting Video.  Click on the below link for a video on Spool Knitting.  Even though this video explains the 4 peg (pin) process, the process is the same for a 5 peg (pin) Spool Knitter.   We...
  • $ 20.00

    Spool Knitter, French Knitter

    Our hand-turned Spool Knitter (aka French Knitter) is made from beautiful Missouri Red Oak.  It is turned and sanded to a shape that fits you hand and feels warm and smooth to the touch--one of those tools that becomes special and you carry it with you wherever you go for...
  • $ 15.00

    Maru Dai - Traditional Legs

    The Dewberry Ridge Maru Dai comes in a height comfortable to braid from a chair.  If you are more traditional and want to sit on your legs, the shorter maple legs are available for $15.   If you have never experienced the traditional Maru Dai braiding, you are in for a...
  • $ 50.00

    Maru Dai Weights (Tama)

    The Dewberry Ridge Maru Dai is a beautiful piece of hand crafted maple furniture designed to give you an unprecedented braiding experience.  Gary has designed the weights to perfectly match and enhance the beauty of the loom.  Each weight is hand turned and is 70 grams.  You may also custom...
  • $ 140.00

    Maru Dai

    You will actually feel and experience the beauty and craftsmanship of this Maru Dai stand as you create your Japanese braids.  They are hand crafted from maple, a wonderful hard wood that will resonate with each position of your weights.   The stand comes in a height comfortable to braid from...
  • $ 0.00

    Fiber Art Tools

    Watch this Collection for beautiful hand turned drop spindles, Niddy Noddy, Orifice Hooks, Felting Needle Handles, Raddles, Maru Dai, and more fiber art tools and accessories.  If you do not see the item you are interested in reviewing, please call or email for details:  636-583-8112   donna@dewberryridge.com
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