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    Spool Knitting Video

    Our thanks to Noreen Crone-Findlay for creating and sharing such a great Spool Knitting Video.  Click on the below link for a video on Spool Knitting.  Even though this video explains the 4 peg (pin) process, the process is the same for a 5 peg (pin) Spool Knitter.   We...
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    Stand for Twining Loom

    Well Ladies and Gentlemen it has finally arrived--the Dewberry Ridge Stand for our Adjustable Twining Loom. And, Guess What?????--it too, is Adjustable!!!!!  The Dewberry Ridge Twining Loom Fits perfectly on the Stand -- other vendor twining looms can also be attached with clamps (or you might even have a clever friend...
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    Table for Circular Sock Machine (CSM)

    This table is designed and hand-crafted by Gary McFarland.  It is light weight for transporting, but very stable for holding CSMs.  The top is made to hold your machine securely, with a metal plate under the top where your machine screw connects your CSM to the table top. The sides...
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    Tapestry/Weaving Stick Shuttle

    These small stick shuttles are so hard to find when you need them.  Ours is hand-made from Missouri Red Oak and has been hand sanded smooth to ensure nothing catches on your weaving projects. The shuttle is approximately 6" long and 7/8" wide.
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    Weave-it Replacement Needles 6" (WIZ Weave-it, Weave-it, ZOOM, Weavette, Hazel Rose)

    This replacement needle is a  6" straight shaft needle with yarn eye and blunt end specifically designed for the popular WIZ Weave-it,  Weave-it, Weavette, Zoom, Hazel Rose and other pin looms.
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