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WIZ Weave-It Li'l Weaver Looms

$ 26.00 - $ 62.00

We've been waiting a long tine to complete these little 4" X 4" and 2"X2" weave-it style loom, which we have named "WIZ"   It's such a fast little pin loom to weave beautiful "weave-it" squares.  Gary has designed the loom from Missouri Red Oak--a warm golden glow wood--which feels wonderful in your hands as you weave.  There is nothing more enjoyable to weave with than a wooden loom! 

The holes in the loom are created for your ease and pleasure while holding the warm wooden loom in your hand for weaving, in addition to you holding the outside edges.  Each stainless steel pin is perfectly placed to ensure precise weave-it style weaving.

The directional markings on the loom are also engraved for a life-time of continued use.  Each number, arrow and letter has been placed on the loom to guide you through the process of weaving each square.

In addition, Gary has added two beautiful Celtic knots--complete loops without any beginning or end. This unending style is called "pure knots".  The use of only one thread symbolizes the Celts' belief in the interconnectedness of life and eternity.  We believe this symbolizes how weaving has always been an integral part of our lives.

The WIZ Weave-It loom has been meticulously designed for form, function and lasting beauty.  As are Gary's other looms--this is an heirloom piece to keep and pass through many generations!!  You will be proud to add it to your collection or to have it as your first pin loom.

The WIZ Weave-It loom kit includes:

  • WIZ Weave-It Loom
  • Fully illustrated color instruction booklet
  • 6" Weaving Needle




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