Weaving Sticks

$ 19.95

WEAVING STICKS!! What Fun and Easy to Learn!  Dewberry Ridge is proud to announce our new weaving sticks.  We have had many requests for Weaving Sticks to be added to our line of fine, hand-made weaving products and now they are ready for your pleasure. 

Our beautiful Weaving Sticks are hand crafted by us!  We take great pride in our quality of work and these Weaving Sticks are no exception.  Each set consists of 6 Weaving Sticks.  Each stick is, hand crafted from Birch and sanded to a smooth, beautiful, warm-to-the-touch Weaving Stick.   Each Weaving Stick is 10 inches long with a tapered end for easy holding and threading.

The Weaving Stick Collection is available in 3 sizes for your weaving preferences--Fine (1/4" wide), Medium (3/8" wide) and Thick (1/2" wide).

Imagine your delight when you create your first scarf, bracelet, belt, rug, and many other items in a short period of time.

Your Weaving Sticks include weaving instructions and a tapestry needle for threading and tucking ends.   The rest is up to you (plus a lot of patterns and ideas on our website and the internet for inspiration).  We know your will enjoy your weaving experience with the Dewberry Ridge Weaving Sticks.

Hand Made in America
Dewberry Ridge

Wholesale inquires welcome.

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