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Have you been wishing you had a new and fresh idea for your Dewberry Ridge Adjustable Triangle Loom?  Well, look no more!  Noreen Crone-Findlay has designed a wonderful BOHO or HOBO bag for us!!  Thank you for this wonderful design, Noreen

Here is the link to the FREE video.  You will see how  to assemble the BOHO bag from two 3'  triangles woven on the Dewberry Ridge Triangle Loom.          

She shows how it is the quickest and easiet bag ever to weave and make!

These bags are so comfortable to use- they hug your body!   What a great way to use your hand spun yarns, that yarn you want to showcase, or a special yarn from a special friend.  After all, you will get to incorporate these gorgeous yarns in your triangle as you weave it on the Dewberry Ridge Triangle Loom.  You can show them off every day as you carry this bag.  In addition, it can also be woven on the Dewberry Ridge Adjustable Triangle Loom in the 6' configuration.

It is  designed with 2 pockets on the outside for glasses, cellphone, business cards, lip gloss etc

This is such an exciting project.  We hope you take some time to make a beautiful, functional showcase piece.

Please enjoy this free video/pattern





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