Stand for Twining Loom

$ 110.00

Well Ladies and Gentlemen it has finally arrived--the Dewberry Ridge Stand for our Adjustable Twining Loom. And, Guess What?????--it too, is Adjustable!!!!!  The Dewberry Ridge Twining Fits perfectly on the Stand -- other vendor twining looms can also be attached with clamps (or you might even have a clever friend that can make the Stand accommodate your loom by other means).

You will love this new Stand, made entirely from Missouri Red Oak with the quality and workmanship you have come to expect from Dewberry Ridge.   

The angle of our Twining Loom on our Stand is adjustable by you.  It can go from straight up and down to flat.  Flat makes it easy for two people to work on different ends of the Rug at the same.  

In addition to tilting to any position, it is also adjustable up and down so you can achieve the right working height just for you--giving you the ability to stand and/or sit (in a regular chair) any time you twine!!   This is a wonderful adjustment allowing you to have many comfortable hours of twining without the leg or back ache.

It just wouldn't be a Dewberry Ridge product if we didn't add in these great features.  Be sure to notice the "tool box" we've inserted for all of your scissors, fabric, rulers, and etc.

Of course, the Stand disassembles for easy storage or travel.


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