Square Li'l Weavers (tm)

$ 19.00 - $ 55.00

 You will love this Li'l Weaver.  It is so quick and easy to make the woven squares and to put your own design together,  It takes very little yarn to weave your square--so you can mix and match those leftover yarns or create the same all-over design.  You will receive a step-by-step instruction book, a weaving hook or needle and a packing comb.  Various website resources are included for your convenience.  The Lil Weaver is constructed from beautiful furniture-quality, Missouri red oak.   The pins are stainless steel for long lasting durability, luster and smoothness.  The Li'l Weaver is hand-crafted by Gary McFarland in the Missouri Ozarks with the highest quality that will bring you and future generations hours of creative enjoyment.  

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