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Sprang Loom

$ 33.00 - $ 43.00
The Dewberry Ridge Sprang Loom is designed to meet the weaving requirements of Sprang weavers, although it can also accommodate other types of tapestry weaving. You will enjoy the loom features, its versatility and portability.
Our Sprang Loom is made from beautiful Missouri Red Oak and Birch. All our looms are designed and hand crafted by us. The quality of our work enhances your weaving experience by its beauty and attention to detail.
Our Fixed End Sprang Loom enables you to use a continuous warp thread looped around and around allowing you to create all usable cloth. Both Header Bars are adjustable for your convenience. You will be able to weave both a “Figure 8” style or “Circular” style warps, allowing both simple and complex weaves as you progress in skill level. In addition, our Dewberry Ridge Sprang Loom can be expanded by ordering our longer replacement rails. (see additional Option in this listing.
Our Sprang Loom lends itself to being used in reenactments such as Renaissance festivals. It is portable (approximately 15 X 23 or 15 X 36), and easy to carry and sets up in seconds for demonstrations at festivals and reenactment events. In addition, it is easy to produce a beautiful project with very little equipment.

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