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This unique pair of Dewberry Ridge socks has been individually hand cranked by me on my sock knitting machine. Then, they have been washed and steamed and the toes hand closed with a Kitchener stitch.   

Your feet will feel caressed when wearing my hand-cranked socks.  Because I use such a high-quality wool content yarn and there are no seams, your feet will remain at that perfect temperature.   In addition, due to the natural wicking properties of wool with just the right amount of nylon for extra strength, you will have dry and odor free feet.

Dewberry Ridge socks are machine washable on a delicate cycle or hand wash.  Hang to air dry to extend the life of your socks.  Even though the yarn is a super wash yarn, they may tend to shrink if put in the dryer repeatedly.

Length = Shortie

Size = Ladies M

Wool 75%, Nylon 25%

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