Bench for Peg Loom Weaving

$ 28.00 - $ 110.00

Our new Bench is perfect for holding your Dewberry Ridge Peg Loom at just the right height and position for weaving and it's easily transported!  Notice all of the different positions possible for your unique weaving comfort.  It fits in your easy chair, your kitchen or dining chairs, outdoor chairs, indoor chairs, bedroom chairs, kitchen chairs, living room chairs---are you getting the picture yet????

The Bench has been designed and handcrafted by us to make your Peg Loom weaving a more delightful experience.   Just sit on the extended leg which has been molded and shaped for your sitting comfort.  Then attach your loom, or the unique craft table top, and move the loom or top into a comfortable working position. The top adjusts forward/backward and tilts for your most comfortable position.

For those of you who have purchased one of our Peg Looms recently, you will notice a couple of extra holes drilled in the bottom of your loom--this is for attaching your Peg Loom to the Bench.   If you purchased your Dewberry Ridge Peg Loom earlier, we are also including a template for drilling the holes to match up with the Bench top.

It's simple and easy to attach and detach your Peg Loom---you'll probably find it so convenient you may never want to take your Peg Loom off the Bench.  Order yours now!!

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