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Holidays and Corona Virus

Holidays and Corona Virus 0

Looks like the Holidays are going to be a challenge for 2020.  Shopping - can't go to the stores, Ordering on line - how do we get the gifts to our loved ones if we can't see them, Need to see my family - Is Zoom and Google Meet really seeing our family?   Lot's of questions and not a lot of good answers.  We all must figure out a way to make our Holidays special this year.  It's tough!   I've been especially delighted to hear that we now have TWO vaccines available in the next couple of months.  This is the first time I have been happy to be over 65 so I can get the vaccine sooner!   If no one is coming for Christmas, do I put the tree up and decorate the house?  Do I make a turkey dinner for just Gary and me?  Should I wrap the presents of just leave them in boxes?  I just don't know all the answers, but they are what goes through my mind everyday.

I wish everyone the best Holiday Season.  I'll post some more when I figure out some of these answers.   Send me any suggestions, I'd love to read them all.

Bye for now --  Donna

  • Donna McFarland
Fall Happenings at Dewberry Ridge

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