Rug Kit - Toothbrush Rug (Scandinavian Loop Rug) Technique

$ 35.00

The Scandinavian Loop-Woven Rug Kit.  With it you get the $12.50 kit (pattern, needle, and practice start).  The DVD is 1 hour and 35 minutes long and shows how to make the toothbrush rug, left and right-handed.  It goes through the round rug, basket, chair cushions, oval rug, placemats, toilet seat cover, heart rug, pillow, and wall hangings, half-moon rug, rectangle rug, contour toilet rug, snowman, Christmas Tree skirt, and trouble shooting techniques and helpful hints.


The idea of "Scandinavian Loop Weaving" began long before America. In the Scandinavian countries, they made mittens and strainers. After migrating to America, rugs were needed for cold floors. Some wise woman adapted the pattern to her needs. She also kept her kids busy making rugs. Many older men tell the story of how they helped their mothers with this.

Another name for this is the "toothbrush rug". As civilization progressed, the needle was no longer made of bone or wood. Instead the bristles of a toothbrush were cut off and the handle whittled to a point.

We no longer make toothbrush needles, but have hand-crafted wooden needles made of walnut, oak, cedar sassafras or basswood. All needles are guaranteed, just send it back if you have any problems.

There are many projects you can make with Scandinavian Loop Weaving:

  • Rugs
  • Baskets
  • Wall hangings
  • Cat beds
  • Coasters
  • Casserole carriers
  • Toilet seat covers
  • And much more...

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