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Potholder Loom Family

$ 24.00 - $ 95.00

 We are so proud to be making the new set of 3 Potholder Looms for Noreen-Crone Findlay's new Potholder loom book.  Each loom comes with weaving instructions and a weaving tool. 

Noreen will have various videos available.  Check out the new introduction, sneak peak video here

Here is an quick excerpt from Noreen Crone-Findlay's new Book which you can order now here. 

"Potholder looms can make so much more than potholders!

You can weave on these popular looms using the traditional loops or with nearly any yarn to make a variety of patterns, including Plain Weave, Twill, and Checkerboard. You can also weave shapes other than squares, such as rectangles and triangles. This variety of options means you can weave just the modules you need to make projects from wall hangings to place mats, runners, baskets, and more. Noreen teaches and explains each step of the techniques and projects in full detail, with photos, so even if you have never woven before, you'll easily be able to accomplish any project in this book.

Tapestry weaving is also fun on the potholder loom, and Noreen shows you how with detailed instructions for setting up your loom and working tapestry techniques. Start with the Tapestry Sampler and then try your hand at personalized wall dolls, colorful wall hangings, and decorative art pieces. All you need to know for successful weaving on your potholder loom is in this comprehensive book!"

Order you looms now! 

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