Potholder Loom 7"

$ 35.00

Meet the newest addition to our Li'l Weaver Family -- the Potholder Loom.   Remember the potholder looms from your past or the plastic ones of today?   This is not that loom.   The Dewberry Ridge Potholder Loom has been designed with Red Oak by Gary McFarland in collaboration with Noreen Crone-Findlay.   Look at the picture (left) to see one of the beautiful purses designed on the Potholder Loom during one of our classes.  In addition, Noreen has designed many projects for the potholder loom.  See her YouTube videos Bias Weaving on the Potholder Loom and How to Weave with Yarn on the Potholder Loom.  You can also visit her website for many of her designs.  Use the Dewberry Ridge Potholder Loom  to weave all her famous potholder loom projects.  In addition, you can also use the traditional loopers to make potholders, rugs, placemats, and everything else the little plastic loom can weave, except the loopers will not slip off of this loom.

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