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Fabric Strips - Precut 2 " Strips - Rugs from the Ridge

$ 6.00 - $ 24.00

You can purchase regular precut 2 1/2" wide cotton/cotton-blend material for $6.00 per pound.  That's less than $1.50 per yard of precut 45" wide fabric.

FYI - 3 lbs will make a 22" X 32" Toothbrush/Scandinavian Loop Rug

You will be able to indicate number of pounds required on the next screen

If you have color preferences, please send me an email at

Please NOTE:  Shipping is automatically calculated based on weight.  I always check for best pricing with USPS Flat Rate Shipping.  If it is cheaper, I will issue a refund for the difference.  Thank you for understand computers are not human, we shall prevail!


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