CSM Yarn Bobbin

$ 16.00 - $ 60.00

Gary focuses on making the Dewberry Ridge Bobbin beautiful and hand-turned to perfection every time.  Each Bobbin is tested to ensure it turns evenly on your antique (or other) yarn winders.    Because of the care Gary takes in turning the Bobbins they do not wobble when winding and your yarn clings to the Bobbin for easy winding.

There are two basic types of bobbin winders, each with a different size spindle for the hole in your bobbin, please be sure to order the correct Dewberry Ridge Bobbin for your winder.   The most common winder requires a 3/8" hole.  The other is a 3/16th " hole for a Gearhart winder.  Please be sure to order the correct Bobbin for your winder. Contact us directly for a custom sized hole.

Our  Red Oak Spindle Bobbin is the most widely used and offered at our best price.  .  Custom orders for other wood are available--please call for pricing.

Red Oak                                                                                                                    $16.00 + shipping


Order four or more at $15.00 (save on shipping)


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