CSM Transporter

$ 110.00 - $ 360.00

Someone has finally put together exactly what we need when we want to travel with our CSM!  Dewberry Ridge, specifically .  And that's not all--you will need a table when you get where you are going. .  So, in addition, he designed a sturdy, portable table that will also fit into the Pelican Case (which, by the way, is FAA approved for carry on or checked with the airlines).. 

The almost miraculous thing about the CSM Transporter, is that every CSM piece fits into the case with none of the parts touching the walls, or another part.  Each part is secured against the gorillas at the airport and hotels.   Full insertion and assembly instructions and pictures are provided with each order.  Watch for the "how to" video to be released very soon.


Gary has designed a steel plate that mounts under the table to keep the mounting screw from chewing up the backside of your table.  While, he was at it, he also added an extra screw for the CSM to attach to the table from the top to keep that bothersome movement of the machine from happening. The Table top is very sturdy, measures 11" X 19" and is 28" high, with hooks to store weights and tools on each side of the Table.  Please send us a note if you require a different height.  28" is perfect to be able to look down into your CSM to see what's going on in there.


Currently, the CSM Transport has been made to fit the Erlbacher-Gerhart CSM exclusively.  But, it won't be long before more CSMs will have their own Transport too.  The Table will work for all CSMs.  That Gary--he's a thinker!!!!


As usual, Gary has taken some wood and turned it into something you can be proud to use.  Take a look at our pictures and order one now.  You will begin to see these around very soon at our many Crank-Ins.  If you already have a Pelican Case, we can send you just the Transporter insert and/or the Table.  Prices are also provided for the components only.


If you don't need to travel by air or prefer other carriers, be sure to check our CSM Transporter for Stanley Rolling Workshop.

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