Hexagon Purse/Bag Handles by Dewberry Ridge

$ 15.00

In collaboration with Noreen Crone-Findlay, we have designed these beautiful, unique Hexagon Purse Handles for your Hexagon Loom purse creations.  You can see her purse/bag patterns at Noreen's blog.

  • The Dewberry Ridge Hexagon Purse/Bag Handles are made of Baltic Birch Plywood.
  •  Each handle is hand made with precision and pride by Gary McFarland..
  • The handles are inscribed with a Celtic Knot and Celtic designs around the interior of the handle.. 
  •  In addition, Gary has drilled nine small holes across the bottom of the handle for attaching your woven purse.
  • Each handle is smoothly sanded and ready for your paint or sealant.

In addition to Purse instructions, Noreen has many patterns and designs she is releasing especially for these looms!   Be sure to follow our Dewberry Ridge Facebook page for new pattern announcements and follow Noreen's blog

If you have not already done so, order your loom(s) now to begin designing accessories like these purses in addition to clothing, hats and scarves, and home decor projects like blankets, table runners, pillows, dishcloths -- don't forget stuffed animals, flowers, and the beautiful "Flower of Life".

Order your Hexagon Handles and Looms today!!!

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