Marble Chunky Yarn

$ 13.00

 It is our pleasure to offer this beautiful yarn to our customers at a really great price!

 If you are looking for the perfect yarn to weave on your Dewberry Ridge Adjustable Triangle Loom, look no more.  The Marble Chunky yarn  at $13.00 is the perfect weight for a gorgeous shawl! Gary and I use this yarn for most of our shawls and we have not been disappointed.  There are so many color choices and each one is prettier than the next.   It gives a perfect shawl drape with wonderful marble color changes throughout your project.  We love how easy it is to weave--not sticky--and the overall look and feel of the yarn.

If you are knitting or crocheting with out Hand Turned Knitting Needles and Crochet Hooks you will achieve a beautiful finished piece with a marbling of colors like you could never imagine.

James C Brett Marble Chunky is made from 100% premium acrylic and is very soft to the touch. It is available in a wide range of marbling effect shades that will produce gorgeous chunky knits.  It's machine washable and turns out sumptuous each time you wash your finished product.   Choose your color below and add to your cart.  You will not be disappointed with this great yarn.



  MC1 Sugar Pink      MC2 Sand Piper    MC3 Wild Field    MC4  Flamingo   





 MC5  Seashell         MC6  Landscape      MC7 Autumn      MC8 Jewel-tone          




   MC9 Sand Dune   MC10 Denims           MC11  Charcoal      MC12 Rosebush




MC13  Misty Brown     MC14  Berries        MC15 Majesty        MC16 Adobe    



   MC17  Bubble       MC18 Lichen         MC19  Grape           MC21  Blue Jeans  



  MC22 Hibiscus       MC23  Cool Aqua    MC4  Summer Green   MC 25 Fall Harvest      




MC 26  Blush Wine     MC 27  Regal        MC28  Rainforest     MC 29 Blue Raspberry


MC 30 Cherry             MC 31 Ocean          MC33  Greens        MC 34  Grape

35   NEW          36  NEW       37  NEW     38  NEW

MC 35 (red, brown      MC 36  (purple,       MC 37  (blue,          MC 38 (green,

 gold, aubergine)         teal, red, gold)        fushia, green,          turquoise, dk pink)


39  NEW                  40  NEW      41    1  NEW

MC 39 (Rust, Orange,      MC 40  (blue, purple,  MC41                 MC42 NEW

  straw, brown)                   teal, green, red



MC43 NEW                       MC44                           MC45





Variations of this product

  • MC1 Sugar Pink - Sold Out
  • MC23 Cool Aqua - Sold Out
  • MC2 Sand Piper - Sold Out
  • MC25 Fall Harvest - Sold Out
  • MC3 Wild Field - Sold Out
  • MC26 Blush Wine - Sold Out
  • MC4 Flamingo - Sold Out
  • MC 27 Regal - Sold Out
  • MC5 Seashell - Sold Out
  • MC 28 Rainforest - Sold Out
  • MC 29 Blue Raspberry - Sold Out
  • MC7 Autumn - Sold Out
  • MC8 Jeweltone - Sold Out
  • MC 31 Ocean Blues - Sold Out
  • MC9 Sand Dune - Sold Out
  • MC 33 Greens - Sold Out
  • MC 34 Grape - Sold Out
  • MC11 Charcoal - Sold Out
  • MC 35 red, brown, gold, purple - Sold Out
  • MC12 Rose Bush - Sold Out
  • MC 36 purple, teal, red gold - Sold Out
  • MC 37 blue, fushia, green, teal - Sold Out
  • MC14 Berries - Sold Out
  • MC39 rust, orange, straw, brown - Sold Out
  • MC15 Majesty - Sold Out
  • MC 40 (blue, purple, teal, green, red - Sold Out
  • MC16 Adobe - Sold Out
  • MC 38 green, turquoise, dk pink - Sold Out
  • MC41 brown/black/multi - Sold Out
  • MC42 - Sold Out
  • MC45 - Sold Out
  • MC17 Bubble - Sold Out
  • MC43 - Sold Out
  • MC18 Lichen - Sold Out
  • MC32 - Sold Out
  • MC19 Grape - Sold Out
  • MC44 - Sold Out
  • MC21 Blue Jeans - Sold Out
  • MC22 Hibiscus - Sold Out
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