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    Since most of our shows have been cancelled this year due to the Coronavirus, we decided to offer our SHOW COMBO PRICE OF 10% OFF our Twining Loom AND Stand together -- a savings of $27!!TWINING LOOMOur Adjustable Twining, makes a 24" X 41" Rug, two 22" X 15" place-mats,...
  • $ 4.00

    Connector for TriLoom

    If you have lost or misplaced one or more connectors for your Dewberry Ridge Adjustable Triangle Loom, you may order replacements here.  Shipping is Free.
  • $ 24.00

    Dragon Fly Li'l Weaver pin Loom

    We are so pleased to bring you this wonderful little Dragon Fly Loom.  We have collaborated with Noreen Crone-Findlay to produce her beautiful design on a sweet Li'l Weaver pin loom.   The Dragon Fly is just so cute you will want to weave many to endlessly flutter all around you!.   Make...
  • $ 15.00

    Hexagon Purse/Bag Handles by Dewberry Ridge

    In collaboration with Noreen Crone-Findlay, we have designed these beautiful, unique Hexagon Purse Handles for your Hexagon Loom purse creations.  You can see her purse/bag patterns at Noreen's blog. The Dewberry Ridge Hexagon Purse/Bag Handles are made of Baltic Birch Plywood.  Each handle is hand made with precision and pride by Gary McFarland.....
  • $ 35.00

    Mollie Whuppie Li'l Weaver

    Look who has come to join her sister Thumbelina--It's Mollie Whuppie!  She is Thumbelina's big sister and she has come to bring you many new weaving ideas from gorgeous tapestries, bags and many new woven friends.  Mollie Whuppie is another creation by Noreen Crone-Findlay in her group of THREE SISTERS....
  • $ 12.00

    Packing Comb--FREE SHIPPING

    This is a wonderful tool for packing and aligning your pin loom weaving as you weave.  Habd nade with red oak with brass pins for packing.
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    Peg Loom - Warp Loop

    Are you interested in exploring many different warps for your peg loom  You have probably discovered that some warps are too thick and will not pull through that little hole in your peg!  Well, do not fret, we have the solution--it's called the Warp Loop.   You can download this file...
  • $ 45.00

    Peg Looms w/threading tool

    The Peg Looms are 6", 12", 16", 24", 30" or 36" long and 4" wide equipped with legs for your weaving comfort.. You may order them with one row of 1/4" diameter Pegs or three rows of Pegs --  1/4",  3/8" and  1/2" diameter. However, the 6" loom has pegs...
  • $ 24.00

    Potholder Loom Family

     We are so proud to be making the new set of 3 Potholder Looms for Noreen-Crone Findlay's new Potholder loom book.  Each loom comes with weaving instructions and a weaving tool.  Noreen will have various videos available.  Check out the new introduction, sneak peak video here Here is an quick...
  • $ 33.00

    Sprang Loom

    The Dewberry Ridge Sprang Loom is designed to meet the weaving requirements of Sprang weavers, although it can also accommodate other types of tapestry weaving. You will enjoy the loom features, its versatility and portability.Our Sprang Loom is made from beautiful Missouri Red Oak and Birch. All our looms are...
  • $ 130.00

    Stand for Twining Loom

    Well Ladies and Gentlemen it has finally arrived--the Dewberry Ridge Stand for our Adjustable Twining Loom. And, Guess What?????--it too, is Adjustable!!!!!  The Dewberry Ridge Twining Loom Fits perfectly on the Stand -- other vendor twining looms can also be attached with clamps (or you might even have a clever friend...
  • $ 22.00

    Teneriffe Lace Looms

    Dewberry Ridge is please to offer these beautiful tiny Teneriffe Lace Looms designed by Noreen Crone-Findlay and made by Dewberry Ridge.  The little looms create the most delicate lacework motifs.  Even though Teneriffe Lace appears complex, it's very easy to learn especially, with the Noreen's directions (included) and all of...
  • $ 5.00

    Tri-Axial Weave Instructions for Hexagon Looms - Instructions and Patterns

    Take a look at the array of instructions and patterns for weaving new designs on our beautiful Hexagon Looms (Available here).  The instructions and designs are downloadable and are meant to expand your enjoyment of our looms. Be sure to watch this page for additional ways to weave on our Hexagon...
  • $ 333.00

    Triangle Loom

    NO SHIPPING$$$$$!!!!! (applies to Continental US only)   This Triangle Loom, or Tri-Loom, is adjustable from 3 feet to 7 feet and can store in a duffel bag! Imagine being able to store this loom in such a small space. Our triangle looms are simple to work with, and are...
  • $ 195.00

    Triangle Loom Stand

    FREE SHIPPING!!!!! (applies to Continental US only)   Here’s another special design by Gary. This stand for your Triangle Loom, Triloom, is made from Red Oak. It has numerous adjustment pegs and the pegs are also adjustable. You will always be able to have your work at just the right...
  • $ 140.00

    Twining Loom- Rug Loom, Adjustable Twining Loom

      Here he goes again!   This time Gary has designed the ultimate Rug Twining Loom!  His new loom is Adjustable, making a 24" X 41" Rug, two 22" X 15" place-mats, a 22" X 41" hall runner (just join them for a really looonnnggg runner), table runner/hot pad and whatever...
  • $ 19.95

    Weaving Sticks

    WEAVING STICKS!! What Fun and Easy to Learn!  Dewberry Ridge is proud to announce our new weaving sticks.  We have had many requests for Weaving Sticks to be added to our line of fine, hand-made weaving products and now they are ready for your pleasure.  Our beautiful Weaving Sticks are...
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