• $ 95.00


    The THREE SISTERS would like you to share in all of their fun.  You can purchase Thumbelina, Mollie Whuppie and Vasilisa for an amazingly low  price of $95--that's a savings of $8 for all THREE SISTERS.
  • $ 12.00

    Packing Comb--FREE SHIPPING

    This is a wonderful tool for packing and aligning your pin loom weaving as you weave.  Habd nade with red oak with brass pins for packing.
  • $ 39.00

    Vasilisa Li'l Weaver

    Here comes Vasilisa Lil Weaver Loom.  She is so excited to FINALLY join her sisters Thumbelina and Mollie Whuppie to bring you THREE SISTERS!!   Vasilisa is the largest of the THREE SISTERS --  she is 8" tall and 5" wide.  Dream what you can weave on this beautiful small loom.  Not...
  • $ 35.00

    Mollie Whuppie Li'l Weaver

    Look who has come to join her sister Thumbelina--It's Mollie Whuppie!  She is Thumbelina's big sister and she has come to bring you many new weaving ideas from gorgeous tapestries, bags and many new woven friends.  Mollie Whuppie is another creation by Noreen Crone-Findlay in her group of THREE SISTERS....
  • $ 26.00

    WIZ Weave-It 2" Li'l Weaver Loom

    We've been waiting a long tine to complete this little 2" X 2" weave-it style loom, which we have named "WIZ"   It's such a fast little pin loom to weave beautiful "weave-it" squares.  Gary has designed the loom from Missouri Red Oak--a warm golden glow wood--which feels wonderful in your...
  • $ 26.00

    WIZ Weave-It Li'l Weaver Looms

    We've been waiting a long tine to complete these little 4" X 4" and 2"X2" weave-it style loom, which we have named "WIZ"   It's such a fast little pin loom to weave beautiful "weave-it" squares.  Gary has designed the loom from Missouri Red Oak--a warm golden glow wood--which feels...
  • $ 45.00

    Potholder Loom 10"

      Our Li'l Weaver Family -- the Potholder Loom.   Remember the potholder looms from your past or the plastic ones of today?   This is not that loom.   The Dewberry Ridge Potholder Loom has been designed with Red Oak by Gary McFarland in collaboration with Noreen Crone-Findlay.  ...
  • $ 0.00

    Embellish Li'l Weaver Squares or Triangles with Tambour Crochet

    Noreen Crone has made a video, featuring our Li'l Weavers, demonstrating how to use Tambour Crochet to embellish a Li'l Weaver Square or Triangle.  It is part of a series of happy healthy heart motifs that she designed for StitchRed, which is the Needlearts Industry's campaign to raise awareness about...
  • $ 0.00

    Video Li'l Weaver Heart Loom - Butterfly

    Noreen Crone-Findlay never ceases to amaze me with her creations.  She just shared a video with me of how to make a butterfly on the Dewberry Ridge Li'l Weaver Heart Loom.   This is a "must see and do" video.  She shows us how she created this lovely little butterfly to...
  • $ 1.50

    Felted Fingerless Gloves Pattern

     Click Below to download the pattern   Here is a super easy pattern for making the Li'l Weaver Felted Fingerless Gloves   Here is what you will need: Materials:    12" Li'l Weaver                     2" Li'l Weaver (optional)                     Worsted Weight Feltable...
  • $ 0.00

    How to Weave a Triangle on the Potholder Loom

     The Dewberry Ridge Potholder Loom is so versatile.  Not only can you weave the traditional square potholder shape, you can also weave a triangle.  Thanks to Noreen Crone-Findlay's lovely video you will be able to see exactly how to weave a triangle in just a few short minutes.    Thank you...
  • $ 0.00

    Yardage Tables (click here)

    Dewberry Ridge   Li’l Weaver Yardage Table (Approximations) Square Looms Size (Inches) Yardage w/1.5” Fringe Yards w/Crochet Border - Yards 2 6 8 10 3.5 7 10 14 4 8 13 18 6 17 23 24 7 20 26 33 12 50 60 72 14 70 80 95   Triangle Looms...
  • $ 0.00

    Video -- NEW Li'l Weaver Heart Loom Video

    Our Friend and Collborator, Noreen Crone-Findlay, has come through for us again.  Her creative juices were flowing and out popped a new and easier way to weave on the Li'l Weaver Heart Loom!   Go to her Video at to view the new process.  It's a snap!   Make all of your...
  • $ 4.00

    Make Felted Toddler Hat on Li'l Weavers

     Click below to download the entire pattern Make this darling felted Toddler Hat with your 6" and 2" Li'l Weavers.  Any little girl in your life will love this hat.  It is so quick and easy to make you will want to make several colors for each little girl.   Don't...
  • $ 3.00

    Scarf Pattern - Triangles All Around

    This is a quick and easy scarf made entirely with your Li'l Weaver small triangles.  This example is made on the 7" triangle, but it could easily be made on the 3 1/2", 4", or 6" Li'l Weaver triangles. Use your imagination on this one and match a favorite outfit...
  • $ 3.00

    Pattern - Felted Penguin Hat

    You will have so much fun making your Felted Penguin Hat!  It is quick and easy and very impressive when you present it to your little darling or sell at a craft show.   You will need one of the following Li’l Weaver Combo Sets: 4”, 6”, or 7” Dewberry Ridge...
  • $ 15.00

    Hexagon Purse/Bag Handles by Dewberry Ridge

    In collaboration with Noreen Crone-Findlay, we have designed these beautiful, unique Hexagon Purse Handles for your Hexagon Loom purse creations.  You can see her purse/bag patterns at Noreen's blog. The Dewberry Ridge Hexagon Purse/Bag Handles are made of Baltic Birch Plywood.  Each handle is hand made with precision and pride by Gary McFarland.....
  • $ 5.00

    Pattern - Hexagon Flower Shawl

    PDF Pattern for a gorgeous Hexagon Flower shawl, wrap or stole to weave on hexagon looms designed by Noreen Crone-Findlay. The pdf pattern for the Hexagon Flower wrap has step by step photos and full instructions for how to weave this shawl on hexagon looms that are available from Dewberry Ridge...
  • $ 38.00

    Li'l Weaver Heart Loom - 6"

      The 6 inch Heart looms were designed by Noreen Crone-Findlay. They are made by Gary McFarland and are sold by Dewberry Ridge Looms.  These delightful looms  are generously sized so that you can weave with 2 strands of Worsted weight (or Sport weight yarn) held together OR a single strand of Bulky yarn or Roving,...
  • $ 5.00

    Pattern - Hexagon Loom Ladybug

    PDF Pattern for the sweet Ladybug Bag to weave on hexagon looms by Noreen Crone-Findlay. The pdf pattern for the Ladybug Bag has step by step photos and full instructions for how to weave this charming bag on hexagon looms that are available from Dewberry Ridge Looms. The Ladybug Bag is woven...
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