• $ 50.00

    CSM Transporter for Stanley Rolling Workshop

    While our CSMs may be heavy and cumbersome to transport, we all find a way to get them from our home to our great crank-ins, friends, vacations, etc.  But, we wrap them in bubble wrap, towels, rags, foam and anything else we can get our hands on to keep them...
  • $ 14.00

    CSM Yarn Bobbin

    Gary focuses on making the Dewberry Ridge Bobbin beautiful and hand-turned to perfection every time.  Each Bobbin is tested to ensure it turns evenly on your antique (or other) yarn winders.    Because of the care Gary takes in turning the Bobbins they do not wobble when winding and your yarn...
  • $ 12.00

    Dropped Stitch Tool

    Here is your hand-turned, wooden Latch Hook Repair Tool for repairing dropped stitches with your Circular Sock Machine.  You will find this beautifully turned handle is easy and comfortable to use for repairing those long or short runs. 
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