This is the week to finish establishing my "shipping room".   I have FINALLY moved out all of my children at least two times (except one--thank you Travis--no bounce back!).   OK, in their defense, each had a good reason and I was more than happy to be able to help out in another chapter of their lives.

So you ask, what does all of this have to do with a "shipping room"?   One room has been full of weaving yarn on multi-shelf rolling carts.  Unfortunately, everytime someone moved back, their "stuff" was pushed in front of my carts and I couldn't get to the yarn so it was basically useless.

Now, I have pulled out all the "stuff" left behind and donated.  I have cleaned off all the shelves and separated the yarns into "I really need", "I will never use this", "don't even know what this is", "what was I thinking when I bought this", and last "yuck!!!"

I have decided where each category is going and loading the car today.

If you have any ideas for setting up a shipping area, please share your ideas with me.  I have been so tired of going to the garage for the box, to the kitchen for the tape, to my downstairs office for the label printing machine, to the garage for the scales, back to the kitchen table to wrap, down to office to get postage based on weight, print the postage and back to kitchen to package product.   I should have much more time to package orders now, so feel free to place more orders with us!!!!

I have consolidated all of the yarn onto fewer carts, cleared several shelves and added inventory and shipping info.  All that is left to do today is to organize the inventory shelves, set up a shipping table and all shipping supplies.   If I finish this today, I get to treat myself to some beautiful new yarn I have had my eye on for several weeks!!