I have taken a fresh look at our business and realized we have so much more to offer than the products on our website.  Every day I wake up with creative juices flowing and start formalizing new ideas.  I realized I wasn’t really sharing that creativity with anyone—hence this blog-- Creative Juices from Dewberry Ridge. 

 Having a Marketing and Sales Master’s degree,  plus 30 years of corporate experience and 15 years of managing a successful fiber art business, I am keenly interested in what’s going on around me.  Current and past trends in Fiber Art in addition to good reads  keeps my  creative juices flowing.  I’ll be sharing these trends, articles, patterns and ideas with you here. OPT IN

I’m continuing to write instruction and design books for our Fiber Art tools, design  and publish patterns, teach many types of looms and designing and have a large following on our Dewberry Ridge Website, Facebook, Pinterest.  I’m looking forward to open dialog and sharing our ideas.

It takes mind, body, and spirit working together to be the most effective person I can be, so I’ll be discussing my techniques and habits that keep me on track daily.

Now is the time to OPT IN to my blog for even more detailed information and ideas so you will be the first to know.


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