2018 January 13

I have taken a fresh look at our business and realized we have so much more to offer than the products on our website.  Every day I wake up with creative juices flowing and start formalizing new ideas.  I realized I wasn’t really sharing that creativity with anyone—hence this blog-- Creative Juices from Dewberry Ridge.   Having a Marketing and Sales Master’s degree,  plus 30 years of corporate experience and 15... read more Donna McFarland

View from the Ridge 6-28-16

2012 February 13

 Are you planning a full 4th of July Weekend and still want to get in some crafting time?  I've started carrying my tiny looms around with me wherever I go and I never feel like I can't keep up with my crafting.  They are so much fun and you can be so creative.  Visit our Li'l Weaver page and see all of the tiny looms: Heart Loom 2" Square Dragon... read more Donna McFarland

January - AGAIN

2012 January 17

Well, we're starting another new year and things are really busy here at Dewberry Ridge.  Gary has designed several new looms, I've been designing lots of new patterns to go with the looms and we have both been preparing for a wonderful year.  It takes a lot of planning to keep a small home-based business running.  Should be quick and easy--but it's not.  Everything takes time.  I have so many... read more Donna McFarland

Free Weaving Lessons

2011 August 10

Well, it's that time of year again.  Gary and I are packing up our RV and cars and gettin' "On the Road Again" for Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO.   If you are in the Midwest this Fall, come on over to Silver Dollar City and sit a spell with us.  We'll have the looms goin', the rocker rockin' and we'll be demonstrating our looms.  This year we have... read more Donna McFarland

How to Make a Knit/Crochet Pattern

2011 June 12

 It's time to start planning for some new projects.  Why not design your own.  I found this free website that explains how to take measurements, design your garment and determine the number of stitches.   Check out this site to make a garment.  Check out our beautiful hand turned crochet hooks and knitting needles for your projects.  Have fun with this.  Send me your creations and I'll post on the Dewberry... read more Donna McFarland

New Weavolution Group for Mini-Looms

2011 June 05

 New Weavolution Group for Mini-Looms -- "Unlocking the Secrets of Mini-Loom Designing" is the name of the new Weavolution group I am moderating. We are just getting started so if you have one or many mini-looms (like the Dewberry Ridge Li'l Weavers), please join the group to learn and share designing ideas...We are just getting started with a new project for a cowl. read more Donna McFarland


2011 May 30

 I just found this great tutorial on how to make yarn from old T Shirts --  what a great summer project for getting rid of the shirts that don't fit, too many stains and holes to wear again.   I might even make some shawls.   Use the Dewberry Ridge Crochet Hooks and Knitting needles to make great looking, warm pieces.    We can post our pictures here.    Go to:    http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/1qEw7u/www.graciousrain.com/2010/09/28/t-shirt-yarn-tutorial/ read more Donna McFarland

How to Capture Inspiration

2011 May 29

 Do you find yourself making a mental note about something inspiring you see or read?   Do you later forget about it completely or can't remember exactly what was so interesting?    Most of us carry a cell phone everywhere we go with camera capability.  I snap a picture of my inspiration with my cell phone!  I carry a small notebook and jot down why that picture was so inspirational and do... read more Donna McFarland

5 Ways to Use Your Stash

2011 April 26

 With just a few yards of your beautiful hand spun yarn or gorgeous store bought yarns left you just can't toss--but what can you do? Twist, or braid together, several strands to create a necklace chain for a great pendant Use the 2" or 3 1/2" Li'l Weaver to make a beautiful brooch and embellish with leftover beads, ribbons and such Use your inkle loom to weave a hat band... read more Donna McFarland

Great Weavette Patterns for Li'l Weavers

2011 April 21

 I found these really great patterns on the Eloomanations website.  I have had so much fun browsing through them and they are free!  Take a look --  thank you Eloomanations! read more Donna McFarland

"Summerize" Your Summer & Winter Projects with Li'l Weavers

2011 April 17

 Too hot to work on those large projects in the summer? Don't want to hold a large afghan in your lap while you knit and crochet until sweat is running down your back and you just can't take it any more? "Summersize" your project with Li'l Weaver  mini looms by Dewberry Ridge  . These unique little looms are each hand madefrom Missouri Ozark Red Oak and stainless steel pins. Design... read more Donna McFarland

Secret Tip for Fulling Shawls

2011 April 12

 I just read this on the Triloom Group --  One suggestion to keep the fringes from tangling too much is to use hair bands that don't have the metal crimp to bundle groups of fringes together while you wash the item. read more Donna McFarland

Weaving is hard work

2011 April 04

 I've been designing so many new pieces for this Fall.  Each new piece requires prototypes and then more prototypes.   After I finish the prototype, I design the fabric which starts with designing the warp.  That's the fun part.  I love pulling all the colors and yarns together to create just the right fabric for my pieces. read more Donna McFarland

New Products

2011 March 23

 We've been so busy this winter getting our new Fiber Art Tools - the Li'l Weavers - into production.  We have so much fun playing with them and creating new things that it's hard to find time to make new inventory read more Donna McFarland
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